Aleph (styossarian) wrote,

So, this idea, it inhabits my head. And, over a month or so, bits and pieces would come to me. And I'd remark upon them, but not much else. So for the past week, I've kept a notebook on me at all times while waking.

And over the course of a week, I've taken notes. And looking over them, I realize that this idea I have, in order to do it justice in words, is going to need to provide a thread to unify Bucky Fuller's philosophy and worldview, the concept of mutual aid, Aikido, the Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma (and what to do with habitual defectors), stopping the wheel of karma (in the blind-machine, everything-we-do-remains-out-in-the-world sense), Occupy Wall Street, just what the hell "love and protect all creation" would mean, social engineering and creating a culture of "eternal vigilance" (ideas / technologies that augment us, in favor of freedom, without being explicitly for that purpose), and map/territory confusion issues.

All this, in the context of learning how to be at peace with (and yet still remedy) precisely how badly-wired I seem to be. How out-of-calibration with reality (a concept that seems to unify my notions of rationalism, determinism / free will (and in that, the bit from The Book of the Law: "Every man and every woman is a star"), and what I've gained from contemplation of the Tao.

...just so there's a record. I've been mostly radio-silent for a while.

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